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Are you a leader of leaders?

In Church Leadership, Ministry Coaching by Russ Olmon

Everything in your church succeeds or fails based on your ability to lead. There have been churches with everything going for them except good leadership that have failed miserably. There have been other churches with almost nothing going for them except good leadership that have weathered difficult times and gone on to thrive and prevail. Nothing can make a church fail …

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Your church’s most valuable asset

In Church Leadership, Church Strategy by Russ Olmon

What is your church’s most valuable asset? Is it your unique style of ministry? Is it the cash you have in the bank? Is it your building or your physical resources such as computers, copiers, multi-media equipment, and materials? Is it your terrific location? Your most valuable asset is none of the above — it’s your people. Have you ever …

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Every pastor’s favorite task: Asking for money

In Church Finance, Church Leadership by Russ Olmon

I wanted to share some outstanding info/testimony about increasing giving in your church. I’ve known Brandon Cox since before he planted many years ago. Here’s Brandon’s input on the subject of raising money in your church… What’s the one subject almost no church leader enjoys talking about? Yep, money. Talking about money feels icky. Asking for money makes us feel like …