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Set a personal example

In Church Leadership by Russ Olmon

One of the most effective tools you have as a leader is your own example. Your leaders watch you much closer than you might think. If you don’t practice the values and behavior necessary for your church to be a model, neither will your leaders.

This is foundational to integrity.

Unfortunately, many church leaders feel they don’t need to live by the same standards they expect of others. After all, they are the ones who sign the paychecks. It’s their prerogative to tell others what to do and how to do it, isn’t it? They are free to act in whatever way they want, aren’t they?

Not if they really want to influence others to accomplish something great.
If your church philosophy is to treat other people with courtesy and respect and your leaders see you treat others with discourtesy or disrespect, you lose your credibility as a leader.

Your church is based not only on the values you have set for it, but also on how well you personally practice those values and inspire your leaders to do the same. To lead, you must be worthy of respect. Your leaders must trust you. They must see that your life reflects the character and integrity that you profess to be important. That is the only way people will follow you voluntarily.

Trust is the basis for biblical integrity, and it has to start with you. People won’t be dedicated to a leader they don’t trust. Trust is the foundation upon which relationships are built.