Church Planting

You're our hero

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Our primary mission is to equip leaders to start churches. While healthy, unselfish, growing churches already exist in most communities, God will never stop calling entrepreneurial leaders to start the next one.

Jesus longs for the church to be unstoppable. It takes on different forms from one place to the next, but as long as there are spiritual travelers who have not connected with a community of Jesus followers, God will refresh and expand His kingdom through the establishment of churches that live out the radical ways and teachings of Jesus.

We are ready to assess your team, walk with you through the baby steps of setting up your legal, financial, and ministry structures, coach you and your leaders through every phase of growth, and provide you with the latest resources. All of our services, including full affiliation with Ministry Advantage, are available to Christian leaders regardless of your theological niche.

Successful church plant leaders have a coach

Our vision to start churches

We help leaders start churches, led by an elemental team, that will grow to be prevailing forces in their communities. To that end, we pour out all of our resources — assessment, coaching, prayers, experience, and funding — and do everything we can to stack the deck in favor of the Kingdom. The motivation that drives us is the desire to see the next person come to salvation through a healthy, unselfish, and growing church.

You might have the God-given compass, endurance, and grit to start a church without Ministry Advantage, but if you combine God’s call in your life with the resources and experience of Ministry Advantage, our combined chances of success skyrocket.

Our church planting model

You’re our hero

Church leaders are heroes. Pastors lead, comfort, and teach. Youth leaders inspire, listen, and model. Musicians play, sing, and lift up God. Kids’ teachers serve, love, and instruct. Other volunteers pour out their time and talents for nothing but the pure joy of helping. And on top of everything, people like you invest tithe and give money to causes that build things and change lives. It’s hard to find a better definition for hero than that.

Our church planting effort exists to help heroes start churches that grow to be prevailing forces in their communities. To that end, we pour out our resources — assessment, coaching, prayers, experience, and funding — and do everything we can to stack the deck in favor of the Kingdom.

Our church planting model

Our model of proven success

The Pivotal Design is the model for all prevailing churches. It is based on three bedrock principles. When we consider healthy, unselfish, growing churches, the three principles are Goldilocks Freedom, the Pivotal Design Team, and a Book-of-Acts Culture. Leave one of those out, and your church is no better than a rubber duck. It might look like it could fly. It might quack like a real duck, but it ain’t going anywhere.

The bottom line? When you bring together three principles — Goldilocks Freedom, Pivotal Design Team, and Book-of-Acts Culture — a church prevails.

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The MA Affiliation Process

The Ministry Advantage Affiliation Process

Today, people can build airplanes that fly because, a century ago, the Wright brothers discovered the pivotal design that put the “flying” into “flying machine”. Those who want to create such a machine simply must decide to build one, study the design, assemble the parts, and send the craft skyward.

Building a prevailing church requires the same process. The Pivotal Design has been discovered, and now it is up to a gifted and committed team of leaders to implement that design to create a prevailing church. Each new Ministry Advantage project follows a three-phase process: research, assembly, flight.

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