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Creating Effectiveness, Pt. 4: Improve human relationships

In Church Leadership, Church Strategy by Russ Olmon

Leadership is a people business. An understanding of people and what makes them tick is essential to fulfill leadership. You have already seen that the vast majority of your time is spent in communicating with people; eliminating communication breakdowns is an important first step to improving human relationships.

Develop others

Your role as a leader is more than inspiring confidence and trust in those who support your vision. Remember the other part of the definition of a leader? To influence and inspire others to accomplish the vision you have for your church.

How do you influence your leaders? You influence leaders to fulfill your vision by:

  1. developing them
  2. building an effective team and instilling a sense of pride in that team,
  3. coaching and counseling sessions to improve their ability to perform
  4. showing confidence and delegating effectively
  5. helping them recognize why things need to be done and involving them in figuring out how to do them
  6. motivating and encouraging others
  7. empowering people to achieve the results you’re looking for
  8. giving credit to others

There are many ways you can build strong leader relationships. Through these newsletters, you’ll learn many of them and how to make them a part of your leadership approach.

Next month: A new series on developing your leadership potential

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