The assessment process consists of pre-work and a four-day event. The four-day portion is a group event; four to ten couples or candidates (ideally, a planting team) attend at the same time. The schedule consists of exercises, simulations, and interviews designed to highlight the competencies necessary to start and build a prevailing church. Some activities are done alone, some as a couple, and some in a group.

Here are the steps:


The assessment candidate affirms the Ministry Advantage membership commitments. Download the form below, then scan and email us a signed copy. This is only for candidates seeking to affiliate with Ministry Advantage.

Download form


The candidate submits a reference request form.

Download form


The candidate or sponsoring agency pays the deposit ($150) or full registration fee by check or online.

Submit fee


The candidate and spouse (if married) each take the online Leading From Your Strengths Profile ($26.95 per person). To purchase and take the test, click on the “Add to Shopping Cart” button directly below “$26.95” on the right side of the web page. Once you have completed the test, please email us your results (PDF).


The candidate submits an application form.

Download form


The candidate and spouse (if married) each complete a self-evaluation form.

Candidate formSpouse form


The candidate submits a recent sermon. Email us the link.


The candidate emails us a recent photo of himself or herself and spouse (if married).


The candidate pays any remaining balance of the registration fee by check or online.

Submit fee


The candidate and spouse (if married) each take the online 16 Personality Factors (16pf) questionnaire. Let us know when you are ready to do this step, and we will send you login information. Once you have received it, go online to NetAssess. You will be prompted to enter your user name and password.


The candidate surveys 10 unchurched people. The results are to be brought to the assessment event.

Download survey


Download a PDF checklist of the full assessment process.

Download checklist

Important Information

The assessment is required for leaders of Ministry Advantage funded projects.

  • The four-day event cannot happen with fewer than four candidates. If the event is canceled because the number of candidates drops below four, it will be rescheduled at a time when at least four candidates will attend. The registration fees of those who were not responsible for the cancellation will be refunded or applied toward a future assessment.
  • When you make your travel plans, plan to arrive in time to relax and get settled. If you have children, please plan to make arrangements for their care while you are gone. Both the candidate and spouse must attend all sessions.
  • All pre-work and registration payments must be received by Ministry Advantage by the deadlines. If a candidate does not complete all pre-work by the deadlines, the assessment team reserves the right to consider that candidate’s registration cancelled and any registration payments non-refundable.